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Permit Well API County Company Name Well Name Well Type Well Status Field Zone/Pool Sec Twp-Rge Ft NS Ft EW Latitude Longitude Elevation Total Depth Log File
{pv_well_logs::Well_Permit} {pv_well_logs::API_WellNo} {pv_well_logs::County} {pv_well_logs::Company_Name} {pv_well_logs::Well_Name} {pv_well_logs::Well_Type} {pv_well_logs::Well_Status} {pv_well_logs::Field} {pv_well_logs::Zone_Pool} {pv_well_logs::Sec} {pv_well_logs::Twp_Rge} {pv_well_logs::Ft_NS} {pv_well_logs::Ft_EW} {pv_well_logs::Latitude} {pv_well_logs::Longitude} {pv_well_logs::Elevation} {pv_well_logs::Total_Depth}